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So I guess this what happens when drama meets variety, eh? Our cast members try out their own version of fantasy romance in You From Another Running Star with an episode that spans four centuries. Some turn into adorable fanboys at the drop of a gat while others bicker in sageuk speech, and still others struggle to grasp what year they’re in.

But there’s only one alien who can tap into his supernatural abilities to save the woman he loves, even if she doesn’t always need saving.

EPISODE 185. Broadcast on February 16, 2014.

Our resident alien Do Min-joon sets the stage for this You From Another Star parody episode, narrating the events leading up to his arrival on Earth in 17th century Joseon. Time stands still for a minute as our cast members traverse the streets before the world moves once more…

First Record. We begin in 1614, in the sixth year of King Gwanghae’s rule, and to the PD’s surprise, Scholar Yoo readily accepts today’s historical fantasy setup. Gary waxes poetic about his cold heart, and Kwang-soo… tortures himself? O-kay.

However, Kwang-soo gives up and smiles to the camera that it was all an act, and is promptly told to stop acting. That’s because our scholar aliens are tasked to find the young lady with a R-stickered hairpin—a trademark piece fans of the show will recognize.


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